About Me

Whew, sorry it’s been a while since we posted. This summer I realized that I just couldn’t keep up with a full wedding day due to my preggers feet wearing out on me. Sadly, this meant we were turning down weddings between July 2017-February 2018. I hate that, because I truly love celebrating our couples […]

Maternity Leave

Today is our fifth anniversary! It’s hard to believe that time has flown by like it has. In some ways it feels like we’ve always been together, but then other times our wedding feels like it was only a little while ago. I guess this is to be expected, but it still boggles my mind. […]

Happy Fifth Anniversary

Hi. I’m Katelyn. I’m addicted to lists and planners… Yes, I’m a Type A kind of girl who takes copious notes and writes everything down. That why I love To Do lists and planners. When I was nine, my mom even caught me up past my bedtime frantically jotting stuff on sticky notes and placing […]

Casual Friday | Lists and Planners

It’s that time of year…when Type A people like me look at old New Year’s Resolutions/Goals and create new ones! I’m a sucker for a good “To Do” list. My husband jokes that I make a list of things I need in order to create a list (and he’s not that far off reality). But lists […]

Casual Friday | New Year’s Resolutions