Top Ten Ways to Ask Guys to Sadie Hawkins/Corrigan

Some of our local schools have Sadie Hawkins dances, or Corrigan Week.
Figuring out creative ways to ask somebody to the dance can be hard. Look no further, I’ve found some great ideas.
Here are my favorite top ten ways to ask a guy to Sadie Hawkins.

1. Pizza!
We’ve all heard that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and pizza is almost always a winner.

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Sadie Hawkins Pizza Invitation

2. Wings!
On the same page with the food idea, you could just “wing it”.
(Just insert “Sadie Hawkins” or “Corrigan” instead of “Prom”)

So cheesy but cute

Sadie Hawkins Wings Invitation

3. Mario!
For the gamer guys, try this super cute Mario invite.

.Haha what a cute way to propose or just ask someone out :)

Sadie Hawkins Mario Gamer Invitation

4. Clef-er Musical Invite!
If you’re guy is into music, this is a great invitation. Give him “notes” throughout the day (maybe one per class).
The messages could have instructions like “reed the notes”, “get in tune”, “major deal”, “this isn’t your forte”, etc.
(Click on the photo below to see some specific messages)

Asking a Musician to Formal? Leave a "note" in every class 1. You're going to have to "reed" these "notes" 2. To get in "tune" with what's going on 3. I don't want to "harp" on you too much, or make this a "major" ordeal 4. Asking isn't really my "forte" 5. But I thought I'd "pitch" the idea 6. I went though all this "treble" Then after school is out have a sign to finally ask the big question and reveal who has been leaving all the notes. 7. To have a "CLEF-er" way to ask you to Formal.

Sadie Hawkins Musical Invitation

5. Starburst!
Honestly, how many people don’t like Starburst? This is a really fun and easy idea.

Ways to ask to a dance!

Sadie Hawkins Starburst Invitation

 6. Baseball!
For all the sporty guys, this is a nice “curveball”. Ask him with baseball puns and supplies.

Asking a guy who plays baseball to sadies

Sadie Hawkins Baseball Invitation

7. Donuts!
This is a great way to start your day…and his. Give him donuts for breakfast with your question.

Comment Your Thoughts On This!

Sadie Hawkins Donut Invitation

8. Candy!
If the guy has a sweet-tooth, try something like this candy message.

ways to ask people with candy bar stories | cachedimages cute candy candy bar love notes easy peasy cachedjan

Sadie Hawkins Candy Message Invitation

9. Word Games!
Maybe the guy you’re asking is great in English class or likes word games. Try something like this and make him work a little for the invitation.

Asking someone out like a boss! (and this is so sweet!!) I don't know how I could say no to this!

Sadie Hawkins Word Game Invitation

10. Don’t go Solo!
You don’t want to go Solo, and neither did the person with the photo below. These Solo cups make for a really funny way to ask a person to Sadie Hawkins.

How cute and unique! Now is the time to think of great ideas to ask your friends or girlfriend to prom!

Sadie Hawkins Solo Cup Invitation

Hope you enjoyed these ways of asking a guy to Sadie Hawkins/Corrigan.
Next time I’ll show some fun “date” ideas for the schools who make this a week-long theme.

Talk with you later!
If you have any other ideas, please share them in the comments section for laughs and so others can benefit.

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